Instagram Giveaway Picker

Quick and easy selection of random winners in Instagram raffles

Easy to use
Easy to use
Paste the link, choose the rules, find out the winners
Your account is safe
Your account is safe
No Instagram username and password required
Different options for choosing winners, any number of comments
Pick a Winner Fairly
Pick a Winner Fairly
Reliable randomizer and closed algorithms exclude rigging

What will you get?

New subscribers

According to the statistics of our users, a well-executed raffle increases the account audience by 10-30%

and it can be much more effective sometimes

Audience engagement

Likes and comments under the giveaway increase the chance of the account to get into the recommendation feed

Time saving

No need to spend several hours counting comments, using third-party randomizers and checking winners for compliance with the giveaway rules


Our randomizer is closed from external interference. This allows bloggers to attract major sponsors and raffle expensive prizes, as well as avoid negativity and accusations of fraud from raffle participants.

Who Should Use WinBerry


  • New clients and sales via Instagram
  • Your products and services advertisement
  • Reach and awareness
  • Customer loyalty


  • New subscribers
  • Major sponsors and advertisers
  • Audience engagement
  • Trust of sponsors, advertisers and audience

Social Media Managers

  • Time saving
  • Visual result of promotion for customers
  • Unlimited raffles
  • One account for all raffles

Customers Feedback


A useful service for determining the winners, nothing more, everything is fast and simple.

I often run giveaways on my Instagram to attract a new audience, so this service has become an indispensable assistant.

Thank you for it! I will continue to use it! :)


Random number generators to determine the winners of raffles are a thing of the past.

I tried WinBerry and determined the winner of the raffle in Instagram in about 30 seconds.

No extra actions needed - just inserted the link, chose the the conditions, and clicked the button.

The service calculates everything and chooses a winner. Quick and easy, I strongly recommend it!

Craft cheese shop owner

We have a youth clothing store and our audience is fueled by swepstakes and giveaways on Instagram.

We run them all the time, 3-5 a week! If it weren`t for WinBerry, I don`t even know how we would constantly determine the winners of our sweepstakes on everything is convenient, you put in the link, press the button - the winner selection generator counted and gave out a list of contest winners!

Everything! Fast and cool!

Сar service owner

In our company we held a big contest and we had to choose several winners of the Instagram sweepstake. To be exact, not a few, but 35! I was looking for the right service for a long time!

I immediately rejected number generators to determine the winners - it`s very long! Found your service and it was a salvation! I simply specified the number of winners, chose the winning conditions, and that was it! 35 winners are clear!

No need for excels, tables... very convenient, thank you!

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How it works

Step 1
Paste the link to the post with the giveaway and click "Pick Winner"
Step 2
Wait until the service collects information about likes and comments (no more than a minute)
Step 3
Specify the number of prizes and select the conditions for determining the winner
Step 4
WinBerry will check which of the participants complied with the conditions of the giveaway, and randomly select the winners
Is it possible to determine random winners of the draw for free?

On WinBerry, for a symbolic $1, 3 picks are available to you within 3 days without any restrictions. After this period, a subscription is activated, allowing you to run as many givaways as you like.

The subscription can be canceled in a couple of clicks at any time, including during the free period.

After canceling, you can resume it whenever you want, choose a better rate, or buy a one-time draw at a price lower than in similar services.

What are the options for choosing winners?
  1. Checking the like, comment, subscription to the organizer.
  2. Checking mentions in a comment
  3. Checking subscriptions to sponsors and any other account
Why is WinBerry better than other free services and bots for pikcing random comments?

Most services require you to keep a login and password from your Instagram account in order to gain access to it for the duration of the cintest. This is the risk of losing your account or getting banned from Instagram for suspicious activity.

In WinBerry, linking an account is not required and there are no risks for your account. In addition, WinBerry works quickly, has different options and work witth any number of coments.

How many random winners can I pick?

Up to 100 winners. This is perfect for those who spend like-time and mutual subscriptions.

Are Instagram giveaways still effective?

Yea! Instagram giveaways and raffless are one of the best ways to attract an audience in terms of cost and effect.

Giveaways are held by aspiring Instagram entrepreneurs to attract their first customers, and bloggers to effectively advertise their sponsors, and the largest brands with hundreds of thousands of subscribers to increase audience engagement and brand awareness.

How many new followers will I get after the giveaway?

Depends on the account size and promotion costs. With a zero marketing budget, our clients get 10 to 30% audience growth.

These are hundreds and thousands of new subscribers, depending on the size of the account. But if you invest in promoting a post with a raffle, the effect can be several times greater. From 0 to 3000-4000 subscribers - a very real case.

How to prevent new subscribers from unsubscribing after the giveaway?
  1. Choose prizes that will be of interest to your target audience
  2. Run raffless regularly
  3. Pick the winners honestly
Is it possible to influence the pick of a random winner?

No, WinBerry uses a random number generator to select a winner, its code is completely closed, even our developers cannot influence its result


12 months
Select Unlimited giveaways for a whole year
3 months
Select Unlimited giveaways for 3 months!
  • Unlimited picks
  • Unlimited number of comments and likes
10.00 $/month unlimit
One-time payment
  • 1 pick without time limit
  • Unlimited number of comments and likes
$6.00 once
Select For those who want to make the giveaway easy and fast
  • 3 picks within 3 days
  • Unlimited number of comments and likes
Select Get to know the service and enjoy
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